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Crime: Prevention is better than cure

Crime: Prevention is better than cure

“My Security” is a smartphone application that knows everything about prevention in particular.

Contrary to some people’s beliefs, there is crime in the castellar and solar plexus. As for the city, there have been seven thefts from major apartments since the beginning of the year, while the second home went home. However, caution is needed as the holidays approach in your absence.

During the day, when you are outside for work or other reasons, you close the shutters … but you also close the doors. During the holidays, genders tend to interact with individuals as part of a device such as “Operation Tranquility Holidays” and “Operation Tranquility Shops” for professionals. The process has been simplified by downloading the forms to be provided to the genders, from the “My Security” smartphone app. Many tips, phone numbers and can be helpful.

Incidents of theft in vehicles and vehicles are on the rise. An opportunity for genders to be reminded of the rules of usage: Do not leave valuable objects in sight to attract misguided individuals. For two-wheelers, it is essential to be protected by a good quality anti-theft device or “U” type, SRA type and, if possible, to park in well-lit areas at night. Finally, it should be noted that the “citizen participation” campaign initiated by the Sourian Brigade in conjunction with the city continues to grow. A protocol is being finalized regarding the upper part of the historic city. Its purpose is to engage people with the internal security forces, especially to prevent acts of damage to property, but also to weave and integrate a social bond between the neighbors of the same district.

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