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Covit Safe Ticket: Here is the procedure to follow to get your health pass in Belgium

Covit Safe Ticket: Here is the procedure to follow to get your health pass in Belgium

The Health Pass, also known as the Govind Safe Ticket in Belgium, will take effect in Brussels and Wallonia in October. Virginie worries about seniors who don’t know how to get a pass. Here are the steps to take.

For me, a health pass is not enough for the elderly. Can we reconsider?“, Asks Virginie through the orange button. We have decided to respond to her wishes and provide the procedure to be followed in this article.

Ever since it was announced that the Health Pass (also known as the Govit Safe Ticket in Belgium) would be implemented, the 27-year-old Virgin has been worried about her grandparents. All four live in Brussels and go to restaurants and hospitals for medical check-ups. “My grandfather goes to town for lunch to drink his glass of wine, After eating. All four have a medical appointment twice a week. “, Says the young woman. From October 15, they will now have to issue a Govt Safe Ticket (CST) to get there. What they have never done before. By contacting them, Virginie realized that they did not know how to get it in digital version or paper version. “I helped them. I did not know how to get it on paper so I called In 10 minutes, it was done for four “, She tells us.

However, the situation calls for him. This young woman, originally Braine-l’Alleud, works in a nursing home and notices that the elderly are a little lost in all these activities taken over the internet. However, his grandparents receive information through the traditional media every day. “If other elderly and vaccinated people do not know how to get it and get stuck, it is very sad. (2) If they do not have internet access, it is difficult to find the phone numbers they need to call. “, She notices.

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As a reminder, CST uses the policy of the European Union Digital Govt Certification. Sure, it is:

– Complete vaccination certificate
Negative PCR test less than 72 hours or rapid antigenic test less than 48 hours
– Evidence of recovery within six months of positive test for Govit-19

This data generates a QR code that can be scanned at a study event. But how to get it? There are three ways to get it.

3 Ways to Get a Govt Safe Ticket

1. Print or download via the Internet
2. Receipt by phone and then by post
3. Through the CovidSafeBE application

1. Through the Internet + Print

You start by going to the site

A – Click on “Govt Safe Ticket”

B – Choose an identification method

Here it gets complicated. In general, officials advise the method of identification through the use of “Itzme”. This is what we are going to describe to you.

You must first create your account: Click “Create Itsme Account” (See image below)


Install the ItSme app and create an account

You clicked “Create your account”. website page opens.

Two options to create an account (see screenshot below)

Through your bank account

You need to have the iSME processor installed on your smartphone.
Configure the eSME app with your data: Click here

Via ID card reader
These readers are sold in all major electronics stores for about ten euros.

You need to have the iSME processor installed on your smartphone.
Configure the eSME app with your data: Click here

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Application — its meaning

C – Identify yourself

You have created your account. Now go to and click on “Identify by Identity”. A page opens. You must enter and send your phone number.

Its link

The system prompts you for a check by displaying a pattern in an orange circle (see example below):

Prove that you are

Open the application you just installed:

1. Press “Sign In” (first screen on the left in the image below)
2. Press the green button “Confirm” (middle screen)
3. Select the format shown on the website from the three formats provided by your Istme App (screen on the right).
4. Place your fingerprint or enter your Istme code (4th screen) Its-captures-3-screens


The last step in identifying

Return to website. He thanked you for your Istme application. The site invites you to choose yourself (“citizen”) or one of your children if you have dependent children. Select and click the green button below.


A page opens. Usually, if you have something, it will show your certificate directly. All you have to do is click the blue button to download the file (for example you can send it to you by email) or print it.

You can choose other options via the “Health Data” link (see top right corner of the screen).


2. By phone via postal

(Attention – for vaccination certification only, not for test results or recovery certification)

If you have difficulty accessing the Internet and would like to receive a paper version, you can obtain your vaccination certificate by mail.

Call the call center at Brussels> 02/214 19 19

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Follow the instructions given by phone.

Call the call center at> 071/31 34 93 to Walonia.

Two possibilities:

– You need to type your national registration number through the automatic answering machine

– You will be contacted to mail your certificate to your home by a human operator

3. With CovidSafeBE APP

So if you do not have this application you need to download it. Identification is required to process this application and place your certificate on this application. You can do this identification through the ItSme app (see above).

You can also look for new certificates (if you have received a single dose of vaccine or PCR test) and your children. In the CovidSafeBE application, press “Search for new certificates” and then “Connect with eHealth”. A webpage opens and you press “Identify via Istme”.

Certificate capture