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COVID-19 - 100% off over 650 Euro games at charity for

COVID-19 – 100% off over 650 Euro games at charity for

After controversy in recent weeks, when it appeared that the Humble Bundle would have reduced the chances of donating games sold to charities, the popular store offers games over 50 650 and its revenue will go 100% Charity. At a time when Brazil and India are being ravaged by a very serious second wave COVID-19, Hampe bundle All proceeds will be donated to Direct Relief, Physicians Without Borders (MSF), International Medical Corps (IMC) and Give India.

The store offers over 650 euros worth of games of all types and lineages, with 100% of the proceeds going to charity. It is enough to pay more than this 16.63 Dozens of new games must be accessed to recover steam and free it from the DRM.

A This address You can find the dedicated simple bundle pageHumble healing.

The Humble Heel package is still available Three days And has already raised 600 thousand euros in the charity.

Available games include masterpieces such as Into the Breach, BioShock Remastered, Baba Is You, Undertail, The Witness, Superhot and The Crusader Kings Complete. Although only for the value of the added games, it is worth participating in. TO This address You can also find the complete list.

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