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Council Committee and Sarcolo P.D.  Cosado: "Mojio management unloads hot potatoes of pending payments at Cheap Spa" - BI.T Quotidiano

Council Committee and Sarcolo P.D. Cosado: “Mojio management unloads hot potatoes of pending payments at Cheap Spa” – BI.T Quotidiano

We publish the full text of the press release issued by the Council Committee and the Democrat Sarkolo de Cosado regarding the well-known events at the Cheap Spa.

Anyone who has followed the City Council in Kosado over the past year (as much as possible, because in a year people have not been able to organize video streaming that can be followed directly) has heard our council team repeatedly explain explanations regarding SEAB.

When agreeing with other minority groups, we even asked for extraordinary advice to discuss it.

In a year we have only received circumstantial responses, if not vague, avoidable, insulting. Our plan to switch to a fee that can be directly managed by the municipality to ensure performance and fairness, known as TARI Puntuale, which has already been used in other realities such as Cherie, was quickly dismantled.

No awareness, no collective gesture, otherwise general announcements are empty, funny.

For this reason, we are not at all surprised that Luca Rosetto and his team rejected the proposed financial plan.

Behind the “technical” impetus hides the desire to unload hot potatoes entirely in the SEAB, pretending that maximum cooperation is not even required from the municipalities involved in the issue of unpaid bills.

Meanwhile, private individuals are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to access the service by increasing profits and leaving loans to the public.

It would be more convenient for Mojio to blame the bad SEAB (or the private company that buys it) when it comes to bills that can spread blindly to the entire population.

The half-page essay is so easy to anticipate that the mayor will say disappointment, depression, dissatisfaction, and reasonable situational phrases, believing that people have already forgotten why it reached that level.

But the mayor’s anesthetic action is losing its effectiveness. Once the money is done, you will not be able to wet their noses indefinitely when the answers you receive are compiled in advance and expire. If this dark picture is not realized, we will be glad we made a mistake and will be proven wrong. But with this administration we will be in disbelief.

We will continue our proposal process, making sure there is someone who wants to hear.

Council Committee and Sarcolo del Pt Cosadis

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