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"Copy and paste the company bond"

“Copy and paste the company bond”

Cattansaro The Rector of the Magna Gracia University in Cadenzaro’s recent letter speaks openly about a “decline” in relations between the university and the extraordinary commissioner of the “Matter Domini” University Hospital, Giuseppe Giuliano. Conflict erupted in the university environment after Health Commissioner Guido accepted the proposed corporate bond sent to Lango. Rector considers it illegal to fail to include a steering system to protect university aid activities integrated with teaching and research activities, and to find violations such as the Integrated Health Departments (DA), which could undermine the functioning of the process, “Matter Domini”.

“Corporate Bond Violations”

Magnificent Giovampatista de Sauro denies a paradigm shift in coercion “It shall be appointed by the Commissioner without due agreement with the Rector.”. Actions such as appointing department heads and dissolving complex functional units can be avoided by converting them into simple units as they are contracts with the university. De Surro underscores the “gravity of violations” and defines them as “unexpected and incomprehensible”. According to him, he explains that he warned Lango about a situation that could endanger university autonomy.
The harsh letter from the university chambers goes down in an attempt to clarify, at the end of which Giuliano reaffirms the legitimacy of his proposed corporate deed and reminds the rector to consider an irregularity (letter) (courier della Calabria told you here): The name of the manager is not on the list of suitable candidates For the activities of the Director General of AOU “Matter Dominion”.

“Copy and paste the company bond”

The final act of the conflict was the demand for De Cerro to reclaim the seat offered to appoint Giuliano as extraordinary commissioner and to initiate a new procedure aimed at replacing the current manager. Apparently, Rector had already written to Lango twice without receiving an answer, and then addressed the university’s Senate. Withdrawal of some kind of hope (In the absence of repercussions) came after a series of letters competing in the University Company bond for steering body and day and breach charges “Numerous misspellings and inconsistencies due to copy 3 paste” process “. An example: “The objectives of the field of neurological and sensory organs are similar to the objectives of the field of cardio-vascular and intensive care”. De Cerro also denies the words “after hearing the rector”: it means that the bond was shared by the university, but the law is not a formal and “oral” agreement. The demand for repeal of the resolution establishing Aou’s new “rule” rules begins on April 12. From that moment the conflict erupted (on April 26) and came to the table of Commissioner Lango, canceling the university’s confidence in Giuliano. We are on rette ration. Top health officials, for now, have been watching from the citadel.