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Controllers are not as essential as you might think

Controllers are not as essential as you might think

If developers find it difficult to provide touch controls for topics available on xCloud, they are used because … and more than you might think. We know that 20% of users of Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming Service are restricted to these restrictions only.

Touch controls are more popular than you think for streaming plaque

Touch controls are more popular than you think for streaming games // Source: Microsoft

Don’t use anything other than touch controls while playing Xbox Cloud Gaming? You are not alone. Implemented in over 100 xCloud games by Microsoft and its partners, for iOS and Android, touch controls are used more by the community than one might think. Microsoft teaches us that 20% of players use them exclusively… so always without playing with the controller. Mobile usage on cloud gaming services is a statistic that almost reflects how important “on the go” is.

20% of Xbox Cloud Gaming users use touch as their exclusive gaming», Microsoft explains quoted On the edge. ⁇Therefore, games that are compatible with the touch screen we start with are relevant and above all, it is important for us to play them well. [ce type de] Order“. In some titles (including Hades, Yakuza: Like a Dragon, Dragon’s Quest XI, Football Manager 2022 Xbox Edition, or Minecraft Dungeons), the company claims that the number of these players reaches 30%.

Touch controls have a bright future

As The Verge points out, Microsoft understands the value of providing a relatively simple solution for developers to add touch controls to their games. The company will thus be available, on GitHub, The kit that allows them to cock work. The latter makes it possible to modify and customize this type of command to suit games and their specifications.

XCloud service on Surface Duo

XCloud service on Surface Dio // Source: Panos Panay

We’ve seen an average 2x increase in touch usage and touch controls on the headlines available with Xbox Cloud Gaming in all genres.Microsoft confirms. Note that the panel uses touch controls for some of its devices, the latest Surface Dio, which displays a real touch controller, with context keys, on one of its two screens.

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