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Controller for patented mobile devices -

Controller for patented mobile devices –

Sony filed Patent A Controller PlayStation Designed for Mobile devices: Part of a strategy aimed at bringing the PlayStation Now streaming to both iOS and Android terminals, or a sign of renewed commitment to build applications based on the most popular Japanese home owners.

Following the patenting of the multi-GPU system to improve cloud gaming, Sony is seriously considering taking the same step. Microsoft With Xbox Cloud, Also available on mobile.

Or the truth is different. In fact, we know that SIE has recently hired Nicola Sebastian. Apple Arcade, To oversee the development of new mobile games that could bring the most popular PlayStation owners to smartphones and tablets.

Controller PlayStation for mobile devices deposited by Sony

The patent includes a map of the device in question, which basically provides the design DualShock4 But taking other similar games, the core area that opens up to accommodate the smartphone.

The look of the controller The look of the DualShock 4 is an additional specification on how this technology was designed with PS Now streaming or newer products in mind for PlayStation games. iOS e Android.

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