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Contempt: FBS Inspired by Alien Aesthetics Still Deferred - Teller Report

Contempt: FBS Inspired by Alien Aesthetics Still Deferred – Teller Report

We often misuse the expression “growth hell”. This applies to projects that have changed their basic idea or scale in the middle of development and failed to adapt to it.“, Can be read in the last update of the studio In Kickstarter, Its continuing MEA Gulpa : “This often does not apply to our products. In our case, a lot of mistakes were made and we will do more in the future, but this is a normal process for a new and inexperienced team.“.

All that has been accomplished by mid-2018 has been reworked, with 90% of what has been done completely eliminated. This is to make our vision come true and not publish our project as we have announced an arbitrary release date. If it is not ready, it is not ready. Why do people want to play on a topic that developers think is not yet complete?“, Ebb adds software that knows about the fate of games waiting to be released before they are finalized.

The initial announcement even came with a slightly hostile message – “If the lack of communication is too annoying, finish asking for a refund“- The studio’s CEO, Lubomir Beckler, wanted to return the next day, apologizing for the possible state of exhaustion and frustration, which should not be so expressed.

Latest news I want to be a little more positive, inspiring “Housing extension of growth“,”Promising improvement“But now the change of studio to 56 people is against 20 people at the start of Kickstarter. Trailers will follow, revealing a bit of the latest. Trailer Dated, pre-October 2020.

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