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Consorgio Ponifica has no responsibility for eastern Sicily.  So why?  - Attorney Enna opens the hearing and asks to be given priority - Vivianna

Consorgio Ponifica has no responsibility for eastern Sicily. So why? – Attorney Enna opens the hearing and asks to be given priority – Vivianna

The Enna prosecutor’s office has now opened an investigation into the vacancy in the Siakuna de Akira Dam. The crime that prosecutor Massimo Palmer considers is a terrible disaster.
It has passed A week from the total emptying of the basin was publicly condemned, but none of the more efficient and responsible organizations said a word about the cause and methods of the catastrophic drain! Why so much mystery?
A procedure has been initiated to verify the responsibility for the emptying of the Ira Akira Dam reservoir. In fact, the investigation is currently being conducted by the offices of the Department of Water and Sewerage. Director Calogero Fotti and I had an emergency meeting with the manager of the Akira Dam. I called a meeting next Monday (May 24) with the managers and service managers of the Sicilian dams, trying to find formal solutions so that similar unacceptable facts do not occur in the future.
A few days ago, Danila Baglieri, Regional Councilor for Energy and Public Utilities, spoke about the evacuation of the “Chiaguana” Dam in the Akira area of ​​Ena Province.

Today, however, the Commissioner of the Eastern Sicily Rescue Federation, Francesco Nicodemo, clarified the following note:
“In Enna province, after learning of the warning of the sudden emptying of the Chihuahua Dam in the Akira area, the following are mentioned: User of water and Nicoletti, Posilo and Olive lakes.
The Federation, in fact, exclusively manages the distribution and maintenance of irrigation networks that depend on reservoirs to serve the farmers of the above districts; Networks are always located downstream of reservoirs and do not interfere with them.
This means that the federation has no capability within the aforementioned reservoirs!
In particular, in the case of the Chihuahua area, those under 40 hectares are actually irrigated every year by local farmers, compared to an area of ​​830 hectares. For example, during the last irrigation period the Federation withdrew about 130,000 m3 in favor of its users, a normal amount compared to the potable volumes in the dam, which is equivalent to 9.0 million cubic meters of water. As a result, it is very clear that the evacuation of the reservoir is not in any way a reason for the federation to interfere in the management activities of the lake. It should be emphasized that the amount available in the Chihuahua Reservoir, at least from 2017 to the present, has significantly decreased and the documents of this office show that, despite the moderate federal withdrawal, the resulting water inputs are winter rainfall events. Instead, it should be noted that the damage (fish, fish fauna and co-damage) caused by the vacancy cannot be attributed to the federation, instead they are vulnerable because every action of the dam is carried out by the department, managing the body.
The current situation will cause significant economic damage to federal farmers who are unable to irrigate their crops.
In recent days, attacks on the press, which are supposed to play a role in providing accurate information, have been the subject of numerous and decisive misdirections, for which reason we are considering taking legal action to protect our work. “

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The head of the enna sent a memorandum to the regional administration (Department of Water and Waste and Environment), the Basin Authority of the Hydrographic District of Sicily, and the Regional Agency for Environmental Protection (ARPA) of the Enna. The Association for the Reconstruction of Catania’s East Sicily notes that the depletion of the Akira Reservoir could “lead to a clear change in the ecological balance, such as questioning the survival of fish and animals.” For this reason, the regional representative of the government asked these organizations and officials to “explain the serious reasons why this phenomenon is as exceptional”. In this case, he also raised the question of the safety of the Chihuahua Dam, as the “discharge flows (so-called downstream hydraulic hazard) have not yet been determined for this reservoir, and flow values ​​must be verified / identified”. In addition, the next note refers to the emergency regional meeting to be held on Monday, May 24, in which the manager of the Akira Dam was summoned. In this regard, Prefect Firrera called for “any appropriate assessment in this regard and to identify any preventive measures aimed at preventing the recurrence of such incidents.”

Akira Mayor, Rev. Maria Grego, who will receive the regional councilor Bacchus in the municipality on Monday – having received all the elements of the assessment – has already announced that she will file a complaint to the prosecutor’s office to find any environmental disaster.

Jose Marano, vice president of M5s, called for a hearing on the case at the Production Operations Committee in the Sicilian Regional Assembly.