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Confused Rockstar Games can be a big disappointment for locals -

Confused Rockstar Games can be a big disappointment for locals –

GDA6 It can change together Big disappointment For many players, too, due to highly proven growth Confusing At Rockstar Games, an insider says this could lead to lower-than-expected results.

L ‘Inward The question is called AccNGT on Twitter, and we pay attention to it, because, recently, it revealed Quantic Dream’s Star Wars Eclipse project, in which a lot of real artwork, in advance and very precisely. Obviously, this is not automatically reliable in terms of Rockstar games issues, but for many insiders running the Internet it is in a critical position based on the results already obtained.

In a text message posted on Twitter, AccNGT argues that many may not realize how confusing the development of Grand Theft Auto 6 is at the moment, and that this confusion can lead to disappointing results for many in some respects. No. Graphics“In the report.

This series has accustomed us to setting new standards in terms of graphics for the biggest open world games, and GTA 6 should not disappoint on that front, but may cause problems in development. Disadvantages, May be related to a game or content. In this regard, among other things, one of the founders of Rockstar, Jamie King, had said that with the departure of Leslie Benzis and Dan Hauser, major changes in the story and tone were likely.

According to AccNGT, moreover, if the game is announced at the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022, it has something to say. Anxiety, Because at present the project needs a lot more time to be upgraded and properly upgraded. Apparently we take this as a simple rumor without the possibility of confirmation, but the evidence may be credible.

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