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Condominium: Volunteer trustees can download this new free guide

Condominium: Volunteer trustees can download this new free guide

The National Housing Agency (NAA) on Tuesday announced the release of a guideline to facilitate the voluntary administration of condominium trustees. “Volunteer Trustee’s Guide: The Key to Managing Your Co-Ownership Well”, Guide, One Hundred Pages, Comes in 56 practice papers on aspects of co-ownership : Legal rules, management, renewal …

It was drafted by Anah, a public body responsible for private housing assistance (Anil National Association for Information on Housing) and the Consumer Association CLCV (Consumer, Housing and Living Environment).

Syndicate of co-ownership manages the common parts and fees of a building. It can be voluntary or cooperative, i.e. piloted by one or more co-owners or professionals.

The challenge is to “avoid tilting condominiums in trouble,” writes Thierry Rebentin, Ana’s leader, in the introduction to the guide. Syndic management, administrative tasks, and cost negotiations between co-owners can sometimes cause inconvenience.

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As of January 1, 2022, there are approximately 32,000 volunteer trustees in Anna’s Register, representing 255,000 locations, i.e. small residences.

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