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Compromised site and user data stolen, explains why hacker did it -

Compromised site and user data stolen, explains why hacker did it –

American and European sites Koi Techmo, A well-known Japanese video game developer, was violated by a hacker attack Personal data of 65,000 users Shared online. According to a hacker allegedly in a forum, it all happened on December 18, 2020. On December 20, he tried to sell access to data for 3 1,300 or access to the site, 500 for 6,500. Finally, on December 23rd, the entire database was released for free.

The Shared information Includes email address, IP address, password, username, date of birth and country of birth. Koi Techmo closed US and European sites with the following message: “This site is temporarily closed when we investigate what happened due to an external cyber attack. “However, mention it No user financial data was compromised.

The hacker then contacted the Sleeping Computer site, which later explained that they had released the data publicly. Koi Techmo does not follow GDPR guidelines A company must report data theft cases that could put individuals at risk within 72 hours.

The hacker adds. “Although I am not a person with good ethics, I have security and privacy issues, and if companies refuse to use simple encryption techniques to prevent user data theft I will continue to attack them. ”

The hacker explains that Koi used Techmo Very old and weak security systems And has refused to update its settings, and is therefore responsible for sharing the personal data of those 65,000 users.

Certainly not the first company to have something like this happen. Capcom also found that some users’ data had been compromised by a hacker attack.

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