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Competition: Nvidia wins copies of the Microsoft Flight Simulator and RTX 3080, while still claiming the RTX 30's gaming capabilities

Competition: Nvidia wins copies of the Microsoft Flight Simulator and RTX 3080, while still claiming the RTX 30’s gaming capabilities

Nvidia Organizes a contest with copies Microsoft Flight Simulator And RTX 3080 cl.

Explore Digital Foundryless Performance in Microsoft Air Simulator

To give you an idea of ​​what this will bring, Nvidia has turned to Digital Foundry. They created scanned definitions with upgraded systems Doha, New York, Tokyo and London, the latest city to be upgraded in a free update.

What they found was that the GeForce RTX30 Series GPU offers twice the performance of the GeForce GTX 10 Series GPUs on average for a faster, smoother, more responsive and gaming experience. The upgrade from the GeForce RTX20 series also offers a positive return of up to 53%.

Your readers are already playing at a higher frame rate because they may have reduced settings? In this case, an upgrade will enable Microsoft Flight Simulator to play with greater levels of realism and immersion, which is the essence of a simulation.

Digital Foundry really explores and breaks down performance and offers an upgrade proposal for any budget.

Nvidia competition

GeForce Garage takes flight on the ultimate PC and Rick for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Team GeForce Garage Nvidia, Made up of expert motors and enthusiasts, Microsoft has assembled a flight simulator PC that will excite SIM fans with an incredible cockpit and motion platform system from Logitech and Next Level Racing. It is powered by a GeForce RTX 3080 with EK cooling, which powers three LG CX 65-inch LED TVs and runs Microsoft Flight Simulator around 5760 x 1080. An impressive mix of controls and shots that gives the player sophisticated tactile, perfect immersive hopty and motion feedback!

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Nvidia competition

GeForce RTX3080 Microsoft Aircraft Simulator Ready to Take Off

Nvidia is launching its GeForce RTX3080 Microsoft Flight Simulator competition today, and will be offering GeForce RTX3080 graphics cards and premium deluxe versions of the Microsoft Flight Simulator in the coming months. To participate, players must take a screenshot of their dream destination or favorite vacation spot using the built-in photo mode of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Visit Forum Microsoft Flight Simulator Get all the details of the match from 7pm tonight. Terms and Conditions Here.