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"Come back to life but use with caution" -

“Come back to life but use with caution” –

From Margarita de Pac

Immunologist: Yes when returning to the theater and cinema but do not forget the precautionary measures because the virus is still contagious and always dangerous

The moment of Return to socialization. We will live it wisely but it shakes those who are afraid to start healthy and precious cultural habits again, without losing communication with others Francesco Le Foss, Clinical Immunologist at Polyclinico Umberto I.

Reduce your security, does that make sense?

No, it is as wrong as losing the pleasures of shows and games. Care and caution should guide us at this point, but only if we are vaccinated and fittedGreen bass
There is no reason to regret leaving cinema, theater or music for fear of infection (Read here How skills change). Even in the event of a viral infection, we have a lower risk of contracting a minor illness and going to the hospital when vaccinated.

Yes, but always remember the simple rules that allowed us to come here. The mask is always worn properly in closed areas, respecting hand hygiene and space.

Is it better to stay away than to interact with people?

Today we are back to peacefully occupying cultural spaces. The basic culture of giving oxygen to society. This is one of the benefits of vaccines. I update the instruction to get the vaccine, to believe without a balance in the achievements of science, today is more unusual than ever. Side effects, which are mild and unstable Sometimes they are not even there, come and talk to me. Can be persuasive.

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How many people have been vaccinated by your motivational intervention?

Dozens, I think. I ask you to send me a photo of the vaccine, I have a proof of that.

Do you agree to increase the capacity of theaters, theaters and theaters or other places of entertainment?

Yes, precisely because we are aware that we still have the vaccine and the virus on our side, we must continue to act wisely. Also, I firmly believe that the ban will not go anywhere. People are angry and tend to take their liberty anyway at the cost of breaking the rules. I would be very wary of indoor discos Losing control is easy

You are a football fan. Are stadiums safe even with 100% spectators?

I am in favor. We go outside, wear masks, avoid shouting without covering our faces, and hug each other after reaching the goal.

Falling curve, Do you believe the epidemic will end in Italy?

Yes, I do not think the virus has the potential to threaten people with the vaccine. We already have 80% coverage, Let’s try another little. Eligibility to see the light again is not limited to those who have been vaccinated and followed the rules. Thanks to the public health service. Physicians, nurses and all staff, especially in the first phase of an emergency, have reduced the blow, despite the shortage.

So do you think you need to be protected before other peers?

No, not all health professionals are equal They also have the right to invite guests over the age of 80 and nursing homes.

September 27, 2021 (Change September 27, 2021 | 21:50)