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CNIL challenges the government for lack of evidence of the effectiveness of the Health Pass

Since September 2020, the Commission has requested the government four times to provide conclusive evidence of the organization’s effectiveness in combating Govt-19. A request that has not been answered to date.

National Commission for Information and Freedom, this Tuesday, November 30, His fourth comment Regarding the measures taken to combat Govt-19. At the end of 42 control measures and eighteen months of epidemics, CNIL calls on the government to provide guarantees on the definitive effectiveness of the Health Pass.

Despite these numerous checks and the three comments previously issued, CNIL points to a lack of evidence.

“CNIL insists that components that make it possible to evaluate the effectiveness of the above therapies in order to continue its work should be sent as soon as possible. In fact, despite many requests, no such assessment has been made to date. Asks the Commission. His opinion.

Performance of the pass in question

In fact, the generalization of the Health Pass has crystallized many issues related to its performance; On the one hand, the numerous scams created by its implementation have led to the creation of dozens of individuals with the intent to issue fake passes or resell them.

But other parameters are coming into effect, in fact, so far, as a person is not isolated in both vaccine and case-contact – which is not then, the origin of the Omicron variant. A Numeroma article on this topic, Released on November 28th, summarizes it as follows: “The pass is not valid and is not a guarantee of complete absence of risk”.

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So far, the figures provided by the Ministry of Health do not effectively provide an overview of the effectiveness of the Health Pass. Also, no data is fully dedicated to it.

Since December 2020, Cnil has challenged the government four times with similar demands. It emphasizes the need for its continuous monitoring until all personal data involved in this scenario has been deleted.

Protect personal data

Beyond the question of health permitting, CNIL’s comment also recalls vulnerabilities related to the security of users’ personal data in the TousAntiCovid application, although “the Ministry of Integrity and Health has implemented new methods to reduce the risk of malicious exploitation of the collected data.”

In a compilation of BFM Business, Armond Heslot, Head of Technology at Cnil, recalled this summer that these devices “need to be limited in time” so as not to be an obstacle to individual freedom.

In this regard, the Commission announced the Fifth Phase Control, which is scheduled for the end of 2021 “regarding the period, deletion and / or anonymity”.