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Cloud streaming has a bigger carbon footprint than downloads and physical games

Cloud streaming has a bigger carbon footprint than downloads and physical games

However, a PlayStation study has revealed that it emits less comparable to games played within eight hours

In partnership with the PlayStation for the Planet Alliance, PlayStation has published an annual report on its work to reduce carbon emissions, including data showing that cloud streaming can produce bigger carbon footprints than downloads or physical games.

In a Blog post, An academic study by PlayStation reveals that, on average, PlayStation 4 downloads cause carbon emissions of 0.047 kg of CO2 per hour, while disk gaming emits 0.055 kg of CO2 per hour.

This is half the average emissions for a typical PC game, and 50 times less than a movie tour – mainly due to the required travel.

Cloud game streaming releases 0.149 kg of CO2 per hour – however, this varies considerably depending on how long the game lasts.

For games played within eight hours, cloud gaming emits less carbon than total downloads, the report said.

In total, the PS4 has so far avoided carbon equivalent emissions of 17.5 million tons, thanks to the system on its PS4 power supply, leisure modes and chip architecture; It is on track to reach 30 million tonnes by 2030.

Additionally, the PlayStation 5 is expected to use just 0.5 W of power for its suspended and restart feature, which is 72% less power than the PS4 used for the same thing.

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