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Cleaning Windows Trojans |  c't |  Highs Magazine

Cleaning Windows Trojans | c’t | Highs Magazine

Picture: Andreas Martini

To prepare for a virus emergency, it is a good idea to download the Desinfect ISO image immediately (see the box on page 19) and install it on the USB stick. Above all, the infected Windows PC must be switched off so that the malware does not wreak havoc on the running system. You keep the stick in a drawer – it makes you feel safe if something happens.

With the new Thor scanner, experts are digging deeper for malware like Emode.

Create a USB stick

To boot the system from a USB stick, you need to install it with our tools. Please use only integrated installation procedures so that the security tool runs without errors. Copying an ISO file to a stick does not lead to an executable system. This is because Desinfec’t creates many partitions that only our tools can create correctly. Although you can burn a dual layer DVD blank system, Desinfect only realizes its full potential from a USB stick. Only then does it permanently store updated data such as virus signatures and recovered files. There are many ways to create a stick.

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