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Chinese rover "Jurong" begins to explore the red planet

Chinese rover “Jurong” begins to explore the red planet

An artist’s idea of ​​the Chinese “Jurong” rover to explore Mars. – / AP / SIPA

The Chinese remote control robot “Jurong” exited its landing site on Saturday Tuesday, A week after he arrived, to begin exploring the surface of the Red Planet, the official China New Agency said. Sending this robot to Mars is the first of its kind in Asia, and the second in the world to succeed in such a mission.
United States.

China launched its migration mission “Tianwen-1” from Earth in July 2020 and has an orbit (orbiting Mars) and a “lander with Jurong”. Landed last Saturday A vast plain in the northern hemisphere of Mars in an area of ​​the red planet known as “Utopia Planetia”.

The first photos were sent

Weighing in at 240kg, “Jurang” – named after the fire god of Chinese mythology – sent his first photos on Wednesday. He will conduct analyzes of the soil and atmosphere and map the red planet. “Jurong” is equipped with solar panels for its power supply, and it must operate for three months.

The rover is equipped with cameras, radar and light beams, which specifically allow it to study its environment and analyze the composition of Martian rocks. The mission to Mars should also look for possible signs of past life.

By landing his robot on Mars, China, Invests billions of euros in its space program to capture Europe, Russia and the United States, testifying to increasingly strong space aspirations. It sent its first astronaut into space in 2003 and launched satellites for itself or on behalf of other countries. In 2019, he landed a machine
The dark side of the moon – A world first. Last year, the models were brought back to Earth.

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