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Check out Docs Legion: 5.5 update with Assassin's Creed Crossover, Darcy and many more game modes!

Check out Docs Legion: 5.5 update with Assassin’s Creed Crossover, Darcy and many more game modes!

Since last May and Updating its map, We know the key features of the addition Look at the Legion of Dogs Until August, this was previously held Mina Sidhu As a playable character As a part of her Season pass. Because, Aidan Pierce And Wrench Landed with DLC Bloodline. Only the heroine who can now act to the end has been announced to complete the project promised to its owners Boss, Now we have a fixed date.

So, Update 5.5 is scheduled for Tuesday, August 24th, In view Popular collaboration between Look at the dogs And the universeThe killer’s belief ! It really isKiller Darcy We include campaign and various game modes, including the latest non-Canon news Myth Of the primary licenseUbisoft And its appearance has evolved from the publicationArtwork Last October.

The Cross way All players can play for free An event is not yet detailed and historical works Whose example shows idolsEV, Jacob And Edward, The three killers were staying in London. Rest, Trends PVP Invasion And Extraction New module will be added with rewards Battle Boss, When viewing the arrival of the campaign Method Resistance. Not only that, because Alpha PC Legion of the Dead Will come to an end And this other method with zombies is finally available to everyone, even on consoles.

You will understand, some days there will be a lot of content to watch for fun Look at the Legion of Dogs, Can be purchased From 26.99 Amazon.

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