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Change ID and Driving License iPhone: Here's how and when this happens

Change ID and Driving License iPhone: Here’s how and when this happens

The ID card or driver’s license will also be displayed directly on the iPhone. This is precisely Apple’s idea with iOS 15: it can allow users to not have to carry a wallet with various documents, as these are easily visible and the iPhone will be displayed directly on their screen to those in charge. Apple announced this news directly during the keynote address at WWTC 2021. Unfortunately it will be available exclusively in the United States, but we hope it can still be implemented in all other countries, including Italy.

iOS 15: This is how the new feature works

The idea is to always carry paper documents with you, but not simply the iPhone, Which in any case has become essential in the daily life of the users. Therefore, the information contained in the official document of iOS 15 will be stored on the iPhone and displayed to the authorities or structures supporting this innovation with the same validity.

How does the system work? The system allows us to thank the software update of iOS 15 on the iPhone, which we all know will come next fall. At this point, do a simple scan of the required documents as they take pictures and then insert them directly into the appropriate section on the smartphone. Text and photo information must be clearly integrated into the Apple algorithm so that an accurate digital copy of the document can be created within the iPhone.

Once the document is photographed and a digital copy is created, the entire document is visible only by opening it with biometric authentication, i.e. by Face ID or by a secret unlock code. The documents will then be directly in the iPhone wallet Along with credit cards and credit cards, you can show them when needed by tapping the on and off button when making payments via Apple Pay.

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Like I said this time Using an ID card and driver’s license on the iPhone can only be used on the iOS 15 release So this will happen next fall. Further Its availability will be unique to the United States And only in a few American countries (so not all) who want to join this innovation. In this case it is possible to use it at airports, so the boarding pass and identity document can be displayed directly from the iPhone without taking out paper documents. This idea is obviously very attractive and definitely convenient for users who use Apple Wallet regularly. One has to imagine that the arrival of the United States could be a start and that many countries could follow suit in the future.