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CDC seeks symptomatic testing in new COVID-19 vaccine use

CDC seeks symptomatic testing in new COVID-19 vaccine use

Birmingham, Ala. (WBRC) – As the Pfizer and Modern vaccines are coming out in the coming weeks, CDC is asking recipients to download an application.

If UAP physician Dr. Joy Henningson experiences any side effects, they can report them directly to the CDC through the use of V-Safe.

“I get a text message that tells me, how you feel, click a few check boxes and I help the community by providing data to the CDC to let them know how I do post-vaccination,” he said.

Dr. Henningson received his first dose last week and reported no side effects.

“I worked an hour ago and I’m on vacation today, and I feel awesome and fit,” Dr. Henningson said.

It keeps your information confidential when you need to download and register to use the V-Secure app.

This is not just for medical professionals. The CDC hopes that as more vaccines are administered, more people will choose.

“Everyone is encouraged to sign up for the application, and it would be very helpful for scientists and doctors working with scientists to get as much information as possible,” said Dr. Joy Henningson.

The app is free on any smartphone.

When you receive the vaccine, your healthcare provider will provide you with a form with details of the V-Safe application to download.

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