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CD Project replaces the DLC release window

CD Project replaces the DLC release window

Formatting the CD program Cyberbank 2077 DLC Delivery Time: It was initially rumored that additional content would arrive in early 2021, and now Polish Studio reports a generic “coming months”, according to a new interpretation that appeared on the game’s official website in line with a road map released in early January.

In short, nothing new, so the description has been updated. “Free DLCs coming to Night City in early 2021 “ A “The free DLC is coming to Knight City in the coming months“As Webback engine. We read it on the Cyberpunk 2077 website. “Like The Witcher 3, the DLCs are still planned. However, we have decided to prioritize revisions and improvements. We will release the free DLCs later and talk about them in the coming months.

Cyberpunk 2077 PS5 and Xbox Series X / S Next Gen Update Instead it is expected The second half of 2021: “This year’s Xbox Series X | We plan a free upgrade for Cyberpunk 2077 on the S and PlayStation 5. We are targeting the second half of the year and they will be updated when they occur.

Two new major patches are expected in January and February, with the CD project later releasing additional updates to fix various bugs and issues. No date yet Cyberpunk 2077 is back in the PlayStation Store.