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Catherine Kaliye in the "New Talents" competition

Catherine Kaliye in the “New Talents” competition

“The Mystery Figaro” was written in Lao-Balagnas by Catherine Gressani-Galileo. A book with surprising and endearing characters and its red thread is the famous “Figaro”, named after a cat, the heroine, Murielle Figaro, who evaporates on a stormy night and disappears, leaving a trail evening, many years later.

The story seems to have found its audience and the author is pleased to announce that he is one of the titles worthy of Fnac “New Talents”‘s literary competition, providing a beautiful showcase for the book. The public is invited to lend a helping hand: “This first step, not least, has been taken. Throughout June, Fennok is offering a digital edition of my novel Le Mister Figaro, so this is an opportunity to read this for free. You need to help me compete for the prize. “

The means to support Catherine Grezoni-Galieu in this quest, in the end, have a chance to win the competition, because, by retained criteria, the number of downloads and good reviews.

The process is easy, just go to the Kobo site and type Mr. Picaro in the magnifying glass and choose the free version.

You will need to download the free app dedicated to digital books, then open an account and download the free version of the novel, you can also comment on the reading, which is an important step for the author to enjoy This new adventure: “Thank you for your support, and my dashboard, at the download counter, I will follow the evolution of adventure “.

Catherine Gressani-Galiye “New Talents” / Photo D.R.

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