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Car key removed: What to do?

Car key removed: What to do?

Newer cars often require a lock, to open and start without the classic use of the engine key to operate inside the system Without key Its specific name will vary depending on the product of the vehicle.

What to do in case The car key was ejected What do you need to do to start the engine and open the doors? Most of these systems provide radio frequency remote control without inserting a mechanical key, but Every manufacturer always has emergency procedures to open the car In the event of a dead battery or inactive key – for example, following a fall or immersion in a fluid.

Car key ejected: what to do

Simple process in case The car key was ejected This is about cars with a lock that is visible in any case: a mechanical emergency key is always hidden inside the remote control.

If the remote control has a button other than the one you normally use to open the car, press it and remove the mechanical key that needs to be inserted into the door lock as is usually done. To start again, even if the remote control is approached The car key was removed or did not work Start button or glove box.

On the other hand, if the door is not locked and the keyless remote control has no battery or is not working, the process is similar, but first you need to identify the location where the lock is located, which is still there most of the time but is hidden. Near the handle. For example, we find a hat that can be lifted using the emergency key (sometimes almost invisible and the same color as the handle): if the handle is raised, the door will be large enough to rotate the key in the classic way to open it.

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On the other hand, if the lock is lowered, for example, on many Jaguar models, insert the emergency key and slowly raise the handle to access the passenger compartment. Procedure for restarting and opening the vehicle in case The car key was ejected Basically it will always be the same: the key must be positioned so that the sensor recognizes its proximity.

Car key ejected, special cases without lock

And in the case The car key was ejected In a vehicle without a lock? This is a special event where we do not have any mechanical emergency key about Tesla brand customers.

In this case the manufacturer will approach a correct point The car key was ejected Open the doors even if there is a low battery. For example, in the Tesla S model, the remote control can be placed near the passenger’s windshield wiper or you can interfere with the use of a mobile phone – as long as there is an Internet signal.

In any case, it is better not to wait until the battery is fully discharged, and carefully check from the first days how it behaves if it happens: to avoid panic and catch unprepared.


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