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Capcom Hack Great Ace Attorney Collection and mysterious new switch project "Guillotine"

Capcom Hack Great Ace Attorney Collection and mysterious new switch project “Guillotine”

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Earlier this month, Capcom’s Network One “Personalized ransomware attack”. Although no customer information was obtained in the hack, it is clear that the internal email and file servers were compromised during the intrusion and about 1TB of data was stolen; Capcom said it was “consulting with police and other relevant authorities, while at the same time conducting an investigation and taking steps to restore its structure.”

As a result of this hack, the personal information and source code of Capcom employees will be available online – which we will not naturally link to – as well as information on various topics planned for 2020. We are not going to share any of the leaked pictures online, and some of the leaked information seems to have been taken from 2018 files, so the following should not be taken as good news that everything is happening.

Appropriate message for switch owners includes new Ace Lawyer The collection (which also comes with PS4) includes both the original trilogy and 3DS-based inputs Big Ace Lawyer / Dae Kyoguden Saipan The series is grouped together in a two-volume release. That’s because none of the Great Ace Attorney games have been translated outside of Japan Can This bundle is exclusively Japanese.

The leak also describes the code name of a new project “Guillotine”, Which is set to be released on Nintendo’s console in February. It will come to other organizations in May.

That too has been said Monster Hunter Rice Receives demos in January and March, and comes to PC in October. Monster Hunter Stories2 The PC is also getting release at the same time as it hits the switch in June, and tariff DLC extensions are expected.

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While none of this should be taken for granted, it will be interesting to see how Capcom’s switch plans for the coming year are designed. Let us know your thoughts with the comment below.