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Capacity Policy Template - Free Word Download

Capacity Policy Template – Free Word Download

Your efficiency approach will help you in performance management – because even though every business thinks its employees are the best for the job, sometimes things don’t work out.

According to Acas, the character’s ability is cited as a factor in nine of the ten disciplinary procedures. Good performance management can avoid the need for disciplinary action – and your efficiency approach will be at the heart of that process.

Business has partnered with Forilio to provide a range of downloadable legal documents that you can customize for your own business. One of them is a free capacity policy template, which you can download below. You can also read our quick-start guide to introducing efficiency policy in your business.

Capacity Policy Template – Free Word Download

Choose to download your template now or get it directly from Farilio’s site, where you will also have access to their fully customizable legal templates.

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Why use Farilio template for your efficiency policy?

Every business is different, with unique legal requirements. However, most small firms cannot afford dedicated legal advisers. To address this, Farilio offers downloadable, customizable legal document templates that you can adopt for your own business.

What is the competency policy in employment law?

The ‘competence’ of the employee is the ability to do the work expected by the employer to the right standards. Many factors affect efficiency, including skill, training and health.

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Efficiency approach is central to good performance management strategy. Unlike the disciplinary approach, the competency approach should encourage the employee to improve performance so that it meets the expectations of the organization.

However, the efficiency policy explains that actions (including dismissal) will be considered if performance does not improve.

Why does my business need an efficiency approach?

The broader goal of the competency process is to help the employee improve their performance. It is about encouragement and support as opposed to punishment for those involved in disciplinary actions.

And by having a competent approach, you can demonstrate to your employees that you are ready to take their problems seriously and that you do not immediately resort to disciplinary action in the event of low performance. This indicates that you are sensitive to each employee’s specific circumstances, including health, training and related concerns.

But the efficiency policy also protects employers. It should be encouraged and supported, and it should also be made clear that continuous performance ends in dismissal.

What is included in the Capacity Policy Template?

Our Capacity Policy Template:

  • Outlines of the purpose of the policy and the assurance intended to support the employee

  • However, persistent failure to meet the required standards can lead to disciplinary action or dismissal

  • Details of informal counseling meetings that take place when the manager is concerned about performance

  • An explanation that the formal competency policy is initiated when the concerns or objectives raised in an informal session are not met or maintained

  • One explanation is that the formal competency process can be initiated in situations where significant performance is guaranteed without informal warning

  • Details of the official policy: first official warning; Final written warning; And removal

  • Information on how an employee can appeal against a warning or dismissal decision and how the appeal will be handled

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If you would like to make changes and do not have Adobe Acrobat, you can download our Capability Policy Template in Word format.

The attached document was produced by Farilio so we are not responsible for its contents. We recommend that you seek professional advice before making any important decisions based on its contents.