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Canceled Technical Playtest, Cross Play Test, First Barriers and PlayStation 5 PlayStest

Canceled Technical Playtest, Cross Play Test, First Barriers and PlayStation 5 PlayStest

EA’s Leading Community Manager Adam Freeman shared information about the Battlefield 2042 technology game test with the community on Twitter last night.

Freeman confirmed that the game test had been going on for 3 days and that the Play Test had so far been used to test server measurements. In addition, you collect and evaluate a lot of data.

PlayStation 5 canceled on PlayStation 5

Due to some important issues identified in the PlayStation 5 architecture during last weekend’s competition, it was announced that registered and recognized PlayStation 5 players will not be able to participate in the technical cross-game game for the past few hours. Test this weekend.

Test the technical games for the Xbox and PC shortcut this weekend

One of the new features on the battlefield is Cross Play 2042. The first tests will take place this weekend with the Xbox + and PC players approved as part of the Technical PlayDest.

First ban on streamers, youtubers and account sharing

Upon learning that the Technical Platest would take place this week, many players were expecting to finally be able to play 2042 on the battlefield. However, the number of players selected is very low and many players enjoy it geleakten sports video material And reported by databases Information on the risk zone game system.

But now some are happily sharing accounts or providing access data via eBay. Freeman insists on not sharing account information with anyone because it will have consequences. It also broke the NDA and banned the first players to distribute Battlefield 2042 game videos.

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Freeman announced that players violating the NDA would be denied access to both the Technical Platest and the future EA Platest. EA also wants to consider withdrawing access to the full version of Battlefield 2042 for these players.


In the end, Freeman goes to the current level of the game. After all, now some game videos on the internet show the game at different quality levels. In this regard, Freeman says, such game tests are not limited to bugs, games or graphics.

The current overall graphic quality of Battlefield 2042 Technology Preview is similar to the early alpha version and is not representative of the quality of the game at the time of release.

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