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Canberra Times News App iOS and Android |  Introduced for the Canberra Times

Canberra Times News App iOS and Android | Introduced for the Canberra Times

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You asked for it and here it is! As a loyal reader of the Canberra Times, you told us you wanted a news app. You wanted the best mobile reading experience. A live news feed. The best digital version of today’s paper. We noticed. After more than six months of development and testing, we are pleased to introduce our brand new app with these features, and more. The Canberra Times news app is now officially live on iOS and Android devices. It is available for download on the Apple Store and Google Play. The app also provides readers with fast-loading articles and live feeds for your favorite content segments, depending on your feedback. To make the user experience even better, the app allows offline reading, meaning you can download headlines or today’s paper at home and then read them wherever you are, whether it’s on your morning commute, at the coffee shop or while enjoying your summer break at the beach while you’re at it. The Advanced Puzzles section now includes a medium and hard sudoku, a code word, a split word, a secret crossword and a regular crossword. Jigsaw is also coming soon. For readers who enjoy selecting existing online puzzles, these are still available to access our website using mobile or desktop devices. John-Paul Moloney, managing editor of the Canberra Times, said today’s app release will provide even better value to subscribers. “Our readers have been asking for a new application for the Canberra Times for a long time, and now we are pleased to be able to provide subscribers with a quick and clean reader experience. This means readers can stay up-to-date with Canberra News from anywhere.” New subscribers can sign up for the app or send it directly to our website. Puzzles and today’s paper are only available to premium subscribers. Basic subscribers can log in to my account on our website and upgrade to a premium subscription and select the option “Change subscription plan”. We will be monitoring reader feedback in the coming weeks and months, and will continue to hear feedback from our readers. Email feedback @ with any thoughts or suggestions. Of course, if you like the new app, please give us a five star rating in the App Store and let your friends know about it. Thanks for reading the Canberra Times. We love our new app and we hope you will too. Download the app now on your iOS device or your Android device.

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