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Can the ‘Hard News’ brand be safe? Download the free BBC White Paper for specialized research on brand-building during the recession

In 2020 the media ecosystem faced an enormous challenge: breaking stories and the evaporation of advertising dollars. Part of this cost-cutting is due to uncertainty over how the crisis will affect consumer behavior. As we reached a new normalcy, the BBC did research on consumer engagement with news advertising and its ance image for brand security and advertising costs. To download the report, fill out the form below.

Fill out the form below to download the report

In January of this year, impeachment in the US, Brexit in Europe and Bushfire at home dominated the media channels. Then, the coronavirus created chaos in shopping halls and halls of parliament. This made consumers glued to the news Nielsen Reporting 52% YOY increase in news usage in Australia in March 2020 (US 215% increase at the same time). While consumers are engaging with news and media like never before, advertisers are facing a contextual crisis. Campaigns took place in the pipeline
Repeated, and advertisers are wary of looking at their brands amid negative news articles. On top of this, consumers who have turned their lives upside down are tinging how it is impossible to think, act and feel like the way of the crisis.

As we adjusted to the uncertainty of living with COVID-19, patterns in consumer habits emerged, which gave marketers hope. Some of these patterns can be found in the BBC’s White Paper. They began research on how consumers respond to ads during major news events and how marketers can increase their advertising-cost. The free white paper describes the effects and depression of COVID-19 on audience behavior and sentiment. It also looks at how brands are expanding their margins during this time and building brand equity.

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To download your free copy, fill out the form below and click Submit.

Most advertisers know the value of staying in the market for as long as possible during a tough financial period. They know that consumer spending has not always mirrored the market. The global recession in 2008-09 reduced advertising spending, but consumer spending remained positive, resulting in an extraordinary market share for those pursuing advertising. These brands have recovered better than their rivals.

In addition, hard news environments may not be bad news for brands. One of the main results of the report is consumer engagement. The BBC has found that audiences find themselves when the emotional intensity and quality with which a news story emerges, when credible news environments are correlated with high memory – story and surrounding advertising. This search refutes the notion that advertising, along with negative stories, can affect your brand – in fact, the BBC has found that emotional responses to ads are more positive in a “tough” news environment.

The report also outlines strategies for building brand trust and preparing to emerge from recession.

Download your copy below.