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astronauti su marte

Can Mars mission feed on dying astronauts?

Is this a green light for cannibalism among astronauts or a simple way to bring hitherto unknown results to science?

The message was restarted Daily Star This is causing a stir as astronauts sent to Mars in a possible mission to find the Red Planet could turn it into food for their comrades if they lose their lives.

Of course this is one of the possibilities US space agency NASA But the journey you have to face is too long and after all it can be translated into reality as no man has ever tried before. In between Suggestions The findings of the British newspaper, however, suggest that in the absence of food shortages, the lifeless astronaut’s body could float in space for eternity. Instead, it is not recommended to bury it on the surface of the Red Planet because it can become very polluted.

NASA’s mission to Mars to discover the red planet

Everyone knew it was after the moon Mars, the best Red planet , The one who pushes too much for knowledge. Of course, NASA (the body responsible for space and space activities of interest to citizens in the United States) cannot fail to be at the forefront and finally get enough humans to think that it could be a planet where they can live. Right there NASA So far it has begun various missions such as “Mars 2020” and saw “perseverance” as the protagonist. A rover that landed on the Red Planet. Stars and Lines It gave scientists a lot of ideas, but now it’s time to see man land on Mars.

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Come to Mars, the hypothesis of scientists

Definitely need to get already Tuesday This route is not easy as it will take at least two years. It is now necessary to understand how man can try to survive longer if important steps are taken from the point of view of technology. Red Planet. If the team members retain the trip, you can endure a tough environment as no one comes. But what if someone perishes first? Or what if someone dies while on Mars? LHe seems the solution has already been discovered by NASA: if a team member dies, it can take months or years Before the body returns to Earth. So experts have suggested several ways to dispose of the body in case of bad incidents.

If astronauts die, they can eat them too

There are many solutions proposed by scientists. The first provides the opportunity for a grave to be created The surface of Mars, But it can create many problems because the lifeless body of the astronaut will “contaminate” the surface to be analyzed, for this reason it may be burned first.

The body of any dead astronaut can be thrown to float in space for eternity or – again – the most suggestive hypothesis here: if there is no food it can be eaten by his own colleagues.

A solution in particular at last may seem disgusting to most, but as he wrote Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX: “If you want to go to Mars you have to be ready to die.”

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Because retraction protections are so low, scientists need to think about how to deal with the potential consequences before the spacecraft is put into orbit.