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Call of Duty Mobile has crossed 300 million downloads

Call of Duty Mobile has crossed 300 million downloads

Call of Duty Mobile Achieved incredible success for Activision. The game topped 300 million downloads in its first year.

“With over 300 million downloads in the first year, Call of Duty Mobile When launched, it went from 11 maps to 23, from a multiplayer mode to 27, and the main Bottle Royal Map has grown by about 50%, ”Activision said in an email to Game Freaks 365.

“The game was launched about a year ago with about 200 primary and secondary weapons and since then that number has expanded to 1,400. Finally, there are also 182 playable characters in the game,” the publisher adds.

Now Call of Duty: Mobile Celebrates its first anniversary with the launch of a whole new season and a new social space where players can gather. Call of Duty Mobile Anniversary Available now on both Android and iOS and has “the biggest injection of content ever”.

What’s new?

The latest season begins with the new Battle Royale Map: from Alcatraz Call of Duty: Black Ops4Blackout mode of. A new social space for club players. Players can assemble, socialize and play various mini-games.

“In addition to the monthly bottle pass, there are new maps, items and characters, as well as full month seasonal events to keep players engaged and entertained,” Activision said.

Looking back a year

In the case of an impressive first year, Activision’s success is partly due to the addition of new content, including regular fan maps such as Rust. The game is also making a splash in the sports scene. This past spring, the Call of Duty Mobile World Championship had a pool of 1 million prizes.

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Are you on 300 million downloads? Did you like how Call of Duty Mobile developed in the first year? Comment below!

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