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Calendar of new restoration rules

Calendar of new restoration rules

The president announced the restructuring on Friday, April 30, at 4 levels.


Steps 1: 3 May

Delivery maintenance.

Removal of restrictions on travel between regions.

End of day certificate certification.

Status for businesses.

The curfew order is maintained from 7pm to 6am. Exceptional travel certificates make it mandatory to travel throughout the metropolitan area during curfew orders.

Reopening of colleges (halfway to 4 p.m.e And 3e) And high schools (half-way).

Levels 2:19 May

The curfew order was maintained but adjourned until 9:00 p.m.

Delivery maintenance.

Shops, museums, cinemas, theaters, monuments, seated auditoriums (according to appropriate measurements and protocols) are reopened.

With protocols, outdoor sports activities and re-opening in closed spaces.

Reopening of outdoor and indoor sports facilities.

For visitors, the reopening is limited to 800 indoors and 1000 outdoors.

Re-opening of terraces (table of maximum 6 persons).

Collecting more than 10 people is prohibited.

Level 3: June 9

The curfew order was maintained but adjourned until 11:00 p.m.

Facilitating teleworking.

Reopening of cafes and restaurants (terraces and interiors, table for a maximum of 6 people).

Exhibitions and exhibitions, cultural venues reopen for up to 5,000 people in Health Pass.

Re-opening of sports halls, expansion to outdoor contact games and lack of indoor contact.

Level 4: June 30

End of curfew order.

Maintaining restraining gestures and social distance.

Decision of route limits according to local health conditions in establishments open to the public.

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Opportunity for more than 1000 people to participate in outdoor and indoor events with Sanitary Pass.

These national measures may be curtailed Emergency brakes Areas where the virus is most prevalent:

Rate of more than 400 infections per 100,000 population ;

Sharp increase in rate ;

Concentration risk of resuscitation services.


The government asks people entering the exceptional reason structure for travel to bring a travel certificate.

The government has not yet developed a new curfew certificate.

It should be noted that the State Council considers that there are no “official” exceptional travel certificates issued during imprisonment (i.e. those issued by Section 3 of Order n ° 2020-293 of March 23, 2020). Binding. Any document providing equivalent justifications such as receipts (CE, 22-12-20, n ° 439956) may be prepared.

Click here to download the curfew certificate:

Or create a digital certificate: