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Buttons Rewind, Remind Me and watch the trailer being tested, that’s it –

Video streaming site Torque It was announced that the new one is currently being tested Reverse button, Can go back during a live broadcast and then review the lost footage. In addition, a button is also tested Remind me And a button Check out the trailer.

According to Twitch, you can rewind by pressing the rewind button Two minutes. Once you’ve come back with the Twitch’s Rewind button, you can scroll through what has been aired so far and, like any other Twitch VOD (video on demand), you can see what you missed at different speeds.

Also, if you press the button Rewind, You can still see what’s going on in the live stream, thanks to the Pixar-in-Pixer window that appears above the chat. However, if the VODs are not enabled on the streamer, the Rewind button cannot be used. According to Twitz, the Rewind Button test will be offered to about a quarter of viewers over the next few days.

Twitch tests the other two buttons. Button Remind me The company says it will allow you to receive a reminder for an upcoming scheduled stream. Button Check out the trailer Allows you to watch the streamer’s channel trailer (if any).

Finally, we remind you that Netflix will allow co-streaming of the first episode of Arcane on Twitch.

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