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farioli caliendo forza italia

Bust downloads Forza Italia Gigi Farioli. And he pauses for himself

GIacomo Caliendo and Gigi Farioli

BUSTO ARSIZIO – Gigi Farrioli suspended himself from Forza Italia. Decision taken in light of announcements Giacomo Kalindo, Senator and Provincial Commissioner of Berlusconi, today, Monday, October 11 Prelpina. In short: “Actually, Farioli is no longer part of our party.”. An elegant welcome, following the proposal of the same Farioli, was re-elected to the City Council in Pusto Arcio as the mayoral candidate of the list of moderates and reformers; We were told of a plan aimed at forming a team with the forces of Pasto Al Centro, Noi Cantalia and ID within the Civil Assembly. According to the supporter, the opportunity to join the efforts of the moderate and reformist front, an eye on the center. According to Kalindo, One more reason for the confusion Compared to the pre-election elections, the former mayor took sides against the center-right, so Forsa Italia and, with the support of the attention, Italia Viva de Matteo Renzi and groups blinked at different positions. Leave the center.

In other words, Hypothesis committee advice would be a kind of political soup With opponents and supporters of the revised executive of Palazzo Gillardoni. Farioli, in a lengthy letter to Calindo, announces his self-suspension, trying to explain the essence of the proposal “he does not want or want to invite elected officials to a paradoxical opposition position Antonelli”, To adhere to common values, It refers to the EPP and the Drake government. It is also true that it is difficult to find a unified line between the official opposition councilors and others elected with the mayor of the Italian brothers.

In advance, Nothing can be done about it. At a certain point in the pre-election negotiations, Forza did not reject Farrioli’s attempt to pull the strings out of Italia Antonelli. In fact, to a certain extent, he rode it. Drop it in its process The command of the central levels of the party Who demanded the unity of the center-right. Giving up that experience, the Berlusconis have now joined the alliance that presented themselves in the alliance. For Farioli, the escape route … the door. I.e., self-suspension. It seems like expecting an induced, always possible outflow. In his letter, although he mentions a potential congressman, he is able to express, explain and understand himself. In short, self-suspension will not be a definite choice for someone who has somehow matured his entire valuable political career in Forza Italy. only that Italy, on the other hand, is tapping Viva, This allowed them to practice unprecedented electoral adventure. In other words, Farrioli is no longer Forza Italia but Italy is not even Viva. Also, as far as we know, he has not yet joined the parties of Calenda or Totti, which marched with him on the 3rd and 4th of October. So why? One can be (politically) subject to uncertainty and confusion.

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However, here is the full letter from Farioli to Kalindo.

Dear and esteemed Senator, I am writing this with deep bitterness and at the same time intense sadness. Bitterness and sadness are equal to the affection and respect that binds you, President Berlusconi and me to the many blue fighters who have been sharing wars, joys, sorrows and commitments for almost thirty years. But in the state of art, I do (and certainly not myself) wrestling with the awareness that any further confusion and incomprehensible delay will poison the wells of conversation and ruin the relationships I want to protect by avoiding useless and unworthy.

This morning, as I read your statements, expecting me in a soft and elegant phone conversation yesterday, I received often heartbreaking and firm pleas from long-time friends: “But who is the candidate, or how can Faroli make a list against Fosto? ‘ I rebuked them, realizing that I needed to take a step towards achieving stability with a reflective and loyal militancy (yes, passionate and exclusive militancy in the blue community). I do that, once again, we do not want to deal with the real focus of the issue, hiding behind the very weak random discussions on the subject of last August.

. It is a serious and thoughtful project to form a group of elected councilors and those elected in the PAC in my support and those on the limited list as moderate center in Forza Italia, Noi Con Italia and Comine. He did not want and did not want to invite those elected to the contradictory position against Antonelli. Different position from support, in August you suddenly decided to legally accept the reverse. I repeat legally even if I don’t understand.

Instead, he wanted to underscore the absolute and essential need to make actions, policies, firm choices and shared wars consistent with common plans, policies, values ​​and ideas. Policies, Values, Projects, Sensitivities and Patterns From the Horizontal Partner and the Primacy of Person, Life, Family and Business to All the Civil and Cultural Political Forces that Support Me Organized by Moderate Central Project, Personally Married with Different Geometries in Callaire and Versace It should be based on Forza Italia and mostly pack lists.

Today’s superficial and sophisticated answer, today in Forza Itala, Vares province, wants to put the tactics of power before them, and not be damaged by the close council cooperation in decisive action. Depending on the concrete nature of the answers to education, culture, family, business, social issues, PNRR, citizens and the city. Isn’t this pure training in a political theater that prefers tactics and political positions to political and political positions rather than the politics that Berlusconi has always wanted? Or do you think it is necessary for the Italian brothers, leagues and lists to form a team with Antonelli’s diversity and unmatched troops, in order not to deny the center’s adhesion?

OK! Despite the pain, we can say that the time has come to take a step back. I have not done many, in fact, without leaving their office, I have gone to other political groups, in Bosto, Versailles, the region or Rome. I was consistently elected as the liberal, popular, Christian and Reformed Farioli. I identify myself in the EPP as one of the many supporting forces that everyone has chosen to distinguish themselves from both the sovereign and the anti-European left and right. I struggled, Paul says in one of his extraordinary letters, good fight, I suffered, I enjoyed, I lived. I worked for the good of the city, for the common good, for the eternal good of freedom and liberal democracy, and for the good of the city, with hope and optimism.

Founded in 1994 by Silvio Berlusconi, a liberal, Christian, popular, guarantor and extremist, supporter, and passionate member of the European Party for almost thirty years from now. I do not know if it is still possible to discuss ideas, plans and alliances in a congress like you promised. During these days and weeks, I have felt unity, affection and sharing of many members at all levels, even in ordinary differences. Li, V and I thank you.

I hope it says goodbye. In the meantime, with unwavering respect and affection, good luck, good work and good road. I believe this is the right path for the good of Basto and our country. Choose the one that Berlusconi had the courage to follow and harmonize with Tracy. He persuaded the League, though with a thousand different newspapers, not the Brothers Italy. Against the People and the PNRR, with Meloni headlined by Urban Vox, the carefree collaboration or sequel features not only any wax or green bass people, but also uncomfortable neo-Nazi reforms. Several auto suspensions have been triggered in recent days. Senator, allow me to be incomparable to mine today.

I say again, affection and respect.
Gigi Forioli

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