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Breathe new life into your Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K by installing AndroidTV

Breathe new life into your Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K by installing AndroidTV

Filippo Morgante

If you have one Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Published remotely 2018 You are no longer satisfied with the experience provided You can install Android TV Solve the problem. In Default Amazon’s fire devices are pre-installed Android’s fork Called Fire OS However it does not provide Google application.

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The Side load It is possible though on many Android apps not available in the Amazon App Store, but some may not work without it Google Services. However as usual, the community XDA Developers Was able to find a way to install Android TV Its one Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Dell 2018. You will need one to perform the process Monitor Or a TV, a unit USB Designed in Fat32, a Keyboard That’s one Mouse For navigation, an adapter OTG, And of course a 2018 Fire TV 4K dongle.

Once Process In its continuation Guide You can find it here This address, Get an experience closer to you Android TV, Although the old structure Android 7.1.2 Nougat. Most things including too Google Play Store e Enable services, They seem to work. Apps too Wide DRM, Code, Android screen cast, Alexa, Fire TV remote application, Magical, e Others Turn right. Google Assistant e Google Voice Search There are instead Blocked.

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