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Boss Burger, Panacea and Puppet, Jungle Stalker Quest (Predator) - Talk to Fortnight

Boss Burger, Panacea and Puppet, Jungle Stalker Quest (Predator) – Talk to Fortnight

In addition to the usual weekly challenges, epic games are, from time to time, related to special challenges or not life events. For that Jungle Stalker Quests, For no particular reason, but the developers want to please their players by offering them new cosmetics. Future partnerships should not be ruled out in light of these new challenges, which clearly represent the “Predator” monster that can be seen in many films. You will need one of these challenges Talk to Boss Burger, Panacea and Pontin.

Where’s Boss Burger, Panacea and Bond at Fortnight?

You are well aware that this new season of Fortnight has brought its NPCs to the forefront, allowing you to collect some bonuses in a variety of ways. For some challenges, it makes sense for Epic Games to ask you to go talk to them. For this special challenge of Predator Quests, you will be asked to speak with these three characters, which are: Boss Burger, Panacea and Pontin. There are multiple span locations for each character, which may take some time to complete this challenge. To maximize your chances, we will show you all of their locations:

  • Boss Burger
    • Two possible locations are north of Pleasant Park and west of Weeping Woods.
  • Panacea
    • Two possible locations are northeast of the pleasant park and south of the Craigy Cliffs.
  • Pontin
    • Two possible locations, northeast of the pleasant park and west of Dirty Dog.

You will understand, with a little luck you will meet all these three NPCs in one place, but not necessarily in the same area. However, if you search both places, you will eventually find them.

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To better identify their locations, we have detailed their spawn point below (yellow → toy, blue → panacea, red ss boss burger).

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