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Bose Soundlink Revolve + II Portable Speaker Review: Bose's Large Displacement Rolls At Senator's Speed

Bose Soundlink Revolve + II Portable Speaker Review: Bose’s Large Displacement Rolls At Senator’s Speed

Sonically, Revolve + II shares a lot more similarities with its sister Revolve II – some of these similarities are obviously unexpected.

Frequency response depending on speaker orientation: front (black), 45 (blue), 90 ° (green), 135 (orange), rear (red).

So, if we believe the frequency response measurement, the “+” model does not provide much depth in the bass than the compact model – awareness occurs in both cases around 70 Hz! But in fact, we are here before the exact proof that the frequency response alone does not completely tell us about the acoustic behavior of the loudspeaker. This is because Revolver + II differs from Revolv, and being more detailed than most of its competitors is not an extension of its pass, but their accuracy.

Revolve + II can boast of truly appreciating the low frequency control for a speaker of this size – that is to say, most reasonably, “portable” “portable” speakers for speakers that fall apart according to our classification. The harmonic distortion is perfect, the bass drum hits are well defined and dynamic – on the sole condition that it is less than 85% of its maximum value (which corresponds to an already very generous sound level), in the absence of which artificial dynamic compression takes place. We see no trace of the effect here. “Boom“This is often felt with competing loudspeakers … at least as long as the loudspeaker is in favorable sound conditions. As we have already mentioned with rotation, the proximity of the loudspeaker to the base of the loudspeaker produces sound that is more susceptible to reflections from the surface on which the speaker is placed. , May increase the volume.The speaker’s very warmth in already complete words, a good dose of precision that makes them miss.

Regarding this character, the usual curiosity for low frequencies is accompanied by a maximally obvious improvement, with the overall signature being slightly drawn in “V”. Not to be overlooked though: The bite thus added to the sound is certainly quite complimentary to amplified music like rock or electro, but the sound is so mild that it does not spoil the music in any way. While at high frequencies we would not have been a little more against precision and neutrality, the Revolve + II is a very musical and versatile speaker that is visible without throwing an eyelid bat rather than throwing a sonic tree.

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