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Bose adds a feature that should have been in the beginning

Bose has added more than welcome functionality to its QuietComfort 45: Balancing management in the Bose Music app.

Bose QC45

Pose QC45 // Source: Frandroid

Like its headphones 700, Bose also decided to update its QuietComfort 45 headphones this week. This update adds a feature missing from the release of Bose’s active noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones: a balancer.

Sure, this balancer will allow you to change the sound signature of Bose headphones by allowing you to add or decrease the volume of bass, midrange or treble. However, the curve provided by Bose may not be more accurate than that offered by some competing manufacturers. Only three points cannot be modified, but Bose does not specify at what frequencies these three points correspond. So to properly change the signature of the headphones, it is necessary to balance and play.

Keep in mind that the Bose QuietComfort 45 delivers W sound signatures over 10,000 Hz, rather than treble. The advent of the balancer makes it possible to change this curve, if you want deeper sounds, by lowering the mitzvah and increasing the pass. High circularity. However, as always, the balance does not completely change the signature of the helmet, as it depends on the components and materials used by the American manufacturer.

Frequency response curve of Bose QC45

Frequency Response Curve of Bose QC45 // Source: Frandroid

In addition to manual curve management, the new balancer includes four presets: bass boost, bass cut, treble boost and treble cut.

The second headphones provided by Bose will benefit from balancing

This is the second time Bose has added balance to one of its wireless headphones. The company had already done this with the Bose 700 headphones. Released in August 2019, the headphones were updated in May 2020 to integrate the balance in use. It was the manufacturer’s first headset that provided balance within the application, and the company had long adopted the same philosophy as Apple, meaning that providing a relatively neutral sound was not overcrowded and complicated. Within its application to change settings.

The Bose QuietComfort 45 update will be available starting Tuesday. To download it, go to the app and wait for the update to download. You can install the headset update for firmware 2.0.4. At this point, the Bose QC45 will restart, and then a “balance” menu will appear within the app that will allow you to change the sound signature of the headphones.

How the sound signature of headphones changes your view of music

The sound signature varies greatly from one helmet to another. However, this data is much easier to install due to the response curve. At a glance, this allows you to guess a little or
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