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Borderlands 3 Louder Parade launches mini-events - get it

Borderlands 3 Louder Parade launches mini-events – get it

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You have already gone into the crazy world of gearbox Borderlands3 Need a removal and a change? Then the robbery parade small events are right for you.

It happens: The world of Borderlands 3 is huge and can keep you happy for hours. In case it is not possible for your lust to actually be exhausted, we would like to recommend you a robbery parade. The march lasts for three weeks and offers you a new mini-event each week.

However, this requires a “designer cut” addition, which you can purchase individually or as part of Season Pass 2. The first event started on January 21st and it is called “Clear Sky”

These are robbery parade mini events

Watch 1 – Clear skies

This event: In the first week, the chances of getting the best stuff from enemies are high. In addition, Murdercane decreases very slowly, which gives extra time to get the maximum amount of loot.

Then the event runs: As already mentioned, “Clear Sky” starts at 6:00 pm on January 21st and ends at 5:59 pm on January 28th.

Week 2 – Extra extraction

This event: In the second week, all the extraction stations have extra space so you can extract more items. In addition, DAHL boxes are more likely to fall when the wind blows. They are also more likely to have exclusive equipment from the Luthers Parade.

Then the event runs: “Extra Extraction” and is active January 6 from 6:00 pm to February 4 from 5:59 pm.

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Week 3 – Gear Rush

This event: By the third week, rare boxes with special items will often appear at the Lotters Parade. The green DAHL boxes, which you can find at various points on the Sturmlight campus, also have a high probability of dropping exclusive items from the pirate parade. However, unlike the “clear skies”, you have to keep your own here because homicide is approaching so fast right now.

Then the event runs: Gear Rush covers the week from 6:00 pm on February 4 to 5:59 pm on February 11.

What do you think of this multi-week event? Is this a reason for you to get rid of a lot of asses again in Borderland or is this event not impressing you? Feel free to tell us in the comments