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Blue Box says "PC community will be happy", isn't it PS5 exclusive?  -

Blue Box says “PC community will be happy”, isn’t it PS5 exclusive? –

Abandoned, Against all odds, it has become a game of the moment. This is not an easy decision, we are in the post-E3 2021 era, with dozens of games recently shown. ‘S mysterious work Blue Box Game Studios It makes many people think that this is a secret Kojima project and that Silent Hill is linked to all of these. For now, however, we have only one promise: the game PS5 exclusive. Or not? In fact, the developer said: “Community PC Be happy “.

As you can see for yourself in the tweets below, one user responded to some Blue Box Game Studios posts, noting that he does not own a PS5, so he has no way to play. Abandoned. However, the official account of the developer responded that the PC community would be happy. The material is not clear, but the most logical option is that they indicate that this work will come not only on the PS5, but also on the computer. Like most third-party programs, it is certainly possible that the PS5’s uniqueness is temporary.

For now we know again about the “abandoned case”. The mystery surrounding the game is so intense that we have talked about it deeply within ourselves Video, You can find it below.

We remind you that the presentation of the game has a date and exclusive use!