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Blooper Team Teasers is a new game in the universe called Layers of Fear

Blooper Team Teasers is a new game in the universe called Layers of Fear


In a teaser, the Crago Studio Blooper team announced their new project Layers of Fear-The universe was given.

It happened: After Successful Excursions in Cyberpunk and Old School Horror (Viewer, Middle) Recently the Blooper team was informed about its new project. The related teaser was first shown at the Tokyo Game Show 2021 and clearly speaks the language of Layers of Fear.

However, this is not about another sequel, but rather a new brand must find its way into the universe of the astonishing horror series. The Blu-ray team has not yet revealed what kind of game it is – but it will have to use the new Unreal Engine 5.

Spin-off layers of fear: it reveals the teaser

At the beginning of the teaser The hero, who is not described in detail, looks at his hands, which are almost battered, and he still hides the blank canvas.

Apparently somewhat old, but at least middle-aged when he wants to paint, he hears the voice of his dead partner. Again, the illusion represents a central storyline; The hero also mentions that the owner of the voice must be remembered.

“What’s the matter with us with her?” The so-called artist realizes and listens to occult phenomena. The paint brush flies out of her hand and is called by the female voice to free her work. The man is then pushed off the canvas – judging the unrealistic distortions in another dimension.

When will it appear? The teaser concludes with the words “You will fade” and “Your fear will return”, below is the approximate release period: 2022.

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In addition to the new cycle of Layers of Fear, the Blooper team has two AAA projects that are to be announced soon.

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