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Biomotive Xbox Series X |  The S will be upgraded, but the Xbox one will not be "yet" in the Xbox Game Boss

BioMotent: Xbox Series X and PS5 Game Play Now Arrived | Xbox One

As you can see in recent days, the news is full of exoxygen and while we are talking The next gen optimized versions of Biomodon and its release on the Xbox Game Boss This morning, the developers released two game videos of the next gen game.

So there are two videos below Biology On the Xbox Series X and PS5. The Xbox Series X Edition comes with native 4K resolution and 60 fps. The PS5 version runs at 1080p and 60 fps, then it is upgraded to 4K.

It has been mentioned that the native 4K option has been disabled on the PS5 for reasons of game stability. This option will be disabled for title release, and developers promise explanations soon.

The images you see are captured on commercially available PS5.

In this release, the native 4K option on the PlayStation has been disabled for stability and performance reasons. What you see here is enhanced to 1080p @ 60fps 4k @ 60fps. It will also be disabled for the final version. This will not be the current generation’s own experience. However, more information on this will be coming soon.

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