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Big Chrome flaw hits Edge too, install update ASAP

Microsoft has confirmed the fears of Edge users: the zero-day flaw that affected Google Chrome earlier this week also affects its browser. If you’re one of the latter, don’t panic: a fix patch is already available in the latest update. We explain how to install it.

Credit: Microsoft

Earlier this week, we told you about this massive zero-day flaw that Google Chrome was affected by. Titled CVE-2022-2294, it’s important because it’s so important. Already exploited by hackers. So Mountain View has deployed an emergency patch to close the breach, but there is still concern on the part of Edge users.

In fact, Microsoft’s browser is also based on the Chromium kernel, and it’s not unusual to share its cousin’s faults. In fact, defects found in one are often found in the other. This case is no exception to the rule. Microsoft has confirmed user fears By applying a patch to this zero-day vulnerability.

How to install the Microsoft Edge update

If you are concerned, we advise you to update your browser without delay. Fortunately, there’s nothing fancy about handling. Here is the step-by-step process:

  • Open your browser edge
  • Click on the menu systems Top right, indicated by three dots
  • In the section Help and commentsClick on About Microsoft Edge
  • The browser will automatically search for and install the latest updates
  • When finished, Closed and open New Your browser to complete the installation

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You don’t have to do anything to protect yourself from this dangerous loophole. The patch will automatically apply and prevent hackers from using it to steal your personal data. Generally, it is safe Stay tuned for the latest Edge updates To make sure you are taking advantage of the latest patches deployed by Microsoft.