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Between Us on PS4 and Xbox: The Console is Latest and How to Download Between Us |  Gaming |  Entertainment

Between Us on PS4 and Xbox: The Console is Latest and How to Download Between Us | Gaming | Entertainment

Getting started between us is very easy, but practice is how to become a great cheater. The good news is, there are a lot of people to play with, and it just keeps growing.

For those who lost its growth in 2020, the space-themed game developed by a small team of us called InnerSlot, in which a team of astronauts must complete tasks, while trying to figure out who among them is the cheater, has the power to damage their work and eliminate other players.

The latest news on the subject comes from YouTube and although it does not reveal clear player stats, it does highlight how popular the game is.

According to YouTube, there were over 4 billion views of videos related to us in September.

The message from the company adds: “While the United States has the largest audience for this content, the United States, in general, is found in the countries with the highest number of views, along with Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. The presence of South Korea on this list reflects the country’s initial interest. Creators like like of South Korea are uploading videos between us into YouTube by July. ”

Meanwhile, among us Steam – the only paid version available – is one of the most played games on the platform, with 300.00 peak players listed on the official statistics page.

While you can see that between us is proving to be a free download on Android and iOS, there are many reasons to be interested in looking at Sony and Microsoft PS4 and Xbox One.

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How to download us for free

Developers InnerSlot has made it possible for us to download for free on mobile phones running Android and iOS.

This means the game is as easy to find and install as going to the Google and Apple App Stores.

As mentioned above, the free version between us is short, which means we can’t wait too long.

There are some restrictions on what devices can be run between us, but you should not look for an upgrade.

It is also available on PC platforms like Steam or Itch.yo, but it is not available in the same free-to-play format.

Instead, gamers have to pay around $ 5 to add to their digital collection and also note that microtransactions are in the game.

For those who like to splash cash on Android or iOS, you can purchase the ad-free version between us.

Now that we know how easy it is to download and play, console gamers want to know when they are going to take a turn.

Can you play on PS4 or XBOX ON?

Currently not available among us to play on PS4 or Xbox One and that explains why the development team behind the hit game.

Can easily work with touchscreen command or keypad between us on PC, Android and iOS devices, consoles use controllers.

This means that the team between us needs to work to provide an easier way for gamers to communicate, without slowing down the gameplay.

Developer InnerSlot’s Forest Willard at a recent live stream event, informing viewers via GameSpot:

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“[A console port] That’s what we started talking about.

“But we have to write a system for quick coms, which is basically for random ones like the Rocket League.

“I do not know if we can enable console voice chat. I know one of the first things I want to add is a friend list-type account system, because without it it is very difficult to do anything ***. “

It will be interesting to see how much more important the console port is, as a recent developer blog has confirmed that it is not on the list of upcoming updates to the game.