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Bethesda Apologizes If Xbox Unique PlayStation Players Are Upset - Nert 4. Life

Bethesda Apologizes If Xbox Unique PlayStation Players Are Upset – Nert 4. Life

In E3 2021, Microsoft proved to us that a high-end game schedule is ready. In particular, he opened and closed the evening with two Xbox exclusions thanks to the acquisition of Genimax – Bethesda. The most important is of course Starfield, New science fiction action RPG. Now, however, Peter Hines Bethesda Apologies With PlayStation players who are sad about the Xbox uniqueness of the game.

Peter Hines – SVP of the Global Marketing and Communications Division in Bethesda – “Sorry, I apologize because I believe this is disgusting to people, but I can not do much about it.”


He added: “If you are a huge fan of our games and they are no longer available on your platform, I understand whether you are unhappy or annoyed. I understand that, they are all understandable feelings. I do not know how to fix people’s fears and anxieties. Other than saying I’m a PS5 player, I’ve played on that console and will continue to play with it, but if you want to play Starfield, it’s On PC and Xbox“.

Hines noted that his apology was not intended to be unique, but that he regrets what happened to a section of the historic public of Bethesda. Of course Bethesda would not want to upset the players, but as Hines said, not much can be done.

Bethesda Hines added, “It’s going to be exclusive to a PC and Xbox ecosystem – and I think it’s important to keep it this way because recently Bill Spencer talked about the purpose of expanding the ecosystem and finding others. Even non-natives, but still like to play upcoming games Game The Boss We bring it to the Xbox, so no matter which direction the Xbox environment expands, we are excited about it. ”

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You can (re) watch the release date and the official Starfield trailer.