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Battlefield 2042, pre-boot beta available today -

Beta – After fans are asked to postpone improving the game

General Beta Battlefield 2042 The weekend ended, with a large number of fans with conflicting opinions to say the least and listening to EA Postpone the game So we can still work Improve it, After trying.

We have already seen that something is not going the right way as EA shares are falling due to criticism on Reddit, but it seems to have shared some “official” rumors in the series and the concept of FPS Battlefield 2042 in general. More time is needed To reach its full potential.

In general, the Reviews They are very much in agreement on the Battlefield 2042 rating, but this is a complete game, but it still needs some time to be cleaned up optimally and optimized to the maximum. However, this may have already happened, DICE has announced that the beta is still based on a month old version.

Anyway, it’s very interesting to see the well – known inner Tom Henderson They hope for a new postponement For Battlefield 2042, after the first announcement, we can improve the situation.

The Modern Warson Insider also seems to have the same idea, the beta of 2042 on the battlefield, Call of Duty: Vanguard, but above all compared to the Hollow Infinite this time seemed less convincing.

These include various interventions Reddit e NeoGAF, Among other things, with a series Feedback In certain elements of the game. In general, we are talking about movement, graphic design and construction of specialists, all the shortcomings that are not large and can be solved with a little more work, for this reason many believed that would be postponed. Start

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