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"Bertolaso ​​was better", Giorgette drops Michetti and pulls the sprint to Calenda

“Bertolaso ​​was better”, Giorgette drops Michetti and pulls the sprint to Calenda

It was learned that the corporation was split in two Giancarlo Giorgette This does not always support, especially recently, the positions and statements of the leader of the Northern League Matteo Salvini. But in an interview published today in La Stampa, the current economic development minister has taken a step that will surprise even center-right allies: he is preparing to drop mayoral candidates in major cities and vote on October 3 and 4. Within two jokes, Mice’s current holder dissolves first Enrico Michetti, Thus coming to pronounce a half-approval, not much disguise Carlo Calenda, Action leader in the race for the Capitol, then mayoral candidate in Milan’s Luca Bernardo.

Support of Gearketti

In the Turin newspaper, the Minister of Economic Development spoke about the case of potential opponents on the ballot: “If Calenda goes to the polls with Qualteri, he is more likely to win. Also, it seems to me that it has the right characteristics to manage a complex city like Rome, as a net of enthusiasm ”. On the center-right candidate Enrico Michetti Frozen rain: Gualtieri and Michetti are on the ballot, Giorgi argues, “Gualtieri wins“Gearketti is asked if Michetti is the wrong candidate.”I do not know. But I know the right candidate would have been Bertolaso“, Says the Northern League, with center-right tremors.

Calenda’s response to the Dem attacks

Carlo Calenda did not hide the fact that he was flattered by Giorgietti’s approval. This morning, on Twitter, the Acting President thanked “Minister Georgette for his words”. He then raises his right-hand man by attacking the enemy: “It is clear to everyone that the Roman ruler Mickey was not good enough.”

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But Georgette’s words have caused controversy within the League and the Democrats. However, the mayor does not approve of Calenda’s candidacy and always hands over responses to the Dem attack on the social network. Valeria Fedeli He wrote on Twitter that Georgette’s support, and therefore Leah’s support, determines a turn to the right of the city in Calenda. “A return to a past in which a great European and world capital did not want and could not buy ”, aHe wrote to Dem to resume Roberto Gualtieri’s candidacy.

Pd Lazio’s Undersecretary is very critical, Enzo Fochi, Underlining the contradictions in the league. “It was clear to everyone that Calenda had become Giorgette’s league candidate. Today, Georgette forbids it, in a very clear and decisive interview in which he drops the weak Michetti and starts the sprint to the action leader.Focchi writes in a note. “We are – Adds – We had no doubt for some time about taking Calenda, and he did not accidentally propose the ‘right’ Bertolaso ​​as deputy mayor. Now officially, Lega de ‘Roma Latrona’ also supports the newly tattooed calendula, which we are increasingly convinced are the real useful and democratic votes for Qualteri.“.

Calenda defends himself, arguing that his opponents never gave him a valid reason to vote. “Only specific arguments for not voting for others. Will I be the right candidate because Giorgi said I was a good administrator? Come on, grow up!“, The executive chairman wrote on Twitter.

Recover Michelle

Carrocio Matteo moves away from Giorgio, the leader of Salvini, to tighten the circle around Mycetti. “There is a great desire for change in Rome and Milan and two candidates elected by the United Center-Right, Enrico Michetti and Luca Bernardo, will be the best mayors for these extraordinary cities. Voters will prove it by a free vote on the ballot in mid-October. I firmly believe that from today until Friday there will be more than ten meetings and rallies between Rome and Milan.“.
The center-right mayoral candidate in Rome feels the support of Lega leader Salvini and the blue Berlusconi And thanks on Twitter. Moreover, it dispels the blindness of those who think a split is occurring on the right in the center, says Michetti.Together, we need what we need to succeed. Rome deserves efficient administration close to the needs of its citizens“.

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