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Beavers in Berlin: Police catch rodents that cut down trees illegally - Berlin

Beavers in Berlin: Police catch rodents that cut down trees illegally – Berlin

For a year now, animals have not been socialized at the zoo because no humans come to the animals. The Natural History Museum is also completely closed. But as a police photo from Friday evening demonstrates, the life of the animals outside becomes more and more exciting: a fluffy beaver prepares his evening meal – the bar is already paralyzed – in James-Simon-Park, behind Museum Island and a dozen passers-by who are not interested.

“The origin of our section 56 from today’s parking control: the fat man is fine there,” the police wrote. It should be added that the logging period is over, so Beaver commits an administrative offense. He makes no comment on the facts, but like all Berlin wild beasts he has a kind of legal protector: Dirk Ehlert, Senate expert on all skins.

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“He’s looking for new habitats,” Ehlert says, explaining Beaver’s behavior. The animal moves between the fischerinsal and the podemius for about 14 days; The male is probably about one and a half years old, probably with a zoological migration background. He can leave Spree through a jetty on Museum Island, “but we hope he’s not there because he’s not good enough to eat there”.

In Bavaria the animal can be classified as a problem beaver or malicious beaver, but in Berlin it can do whatever it wants. Knowing that free riverside properties are not available in Berlin, Ehlert hopes he will make progress: with around 120 beavers across the city, the natural capacity limit has been reached, Ehlert recently explained. It doesn’t help to drag and drop and shout, “Build, build, build.”

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In perspective, Greens and leftists call it that Modification of the A100 extension Creating new habitats: Tank flooding between Newcoln and Trepto should be complex and could be funded by the European Union to improve the countryside. But for now, all that’s left is to sit on the shore and sing the old song: he’s trees, dam, dam … dam-dam / Be happy when he gets kind, dam, dam … dam, dam.