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Bavarian leader Soder Lachet ousts: "Sholes has great chances as president"

Bavarian leader Soder Lachet ousts: “Sholes has great chances as president”

Social Democrat candidate Olaf Scholes “has the best chance of becoming president”: it is important that the CDU and Csu “respect the outcome of the vote” and not force the outcome of the referendum. Marcus Soder, Bavaria’s minister and leader of the CDU’s fraternal CSU, commented on the September 26 referendum and the open chancellor’s contest between Scholes and Christian-Democratic Union leader Armin Lashett. . Söder’s statements, who are already running as a candidate for the CDU-Csu axis for the 2021 elections, appear to be a whiplash on the lashes, an increase in the balance after the noise of the last election and a further decline in party ranks.

The CDU-CSU added that the cadre could not produce a “vote-denied victory” and was incompatible with the poor performance of the main national center-right force. Under Lashett’s leadership, the CDU-CSU axis stopped at 24.1% of the consensus, a decline of almost 10% compared to 33% in 2018 (although he lost 8% of the consensus, Merkel forced herself into negotiations to allow her to take office a few months later).

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Negotiations for Scholes’ alliance and Lachet’s efforts

Two days after the CDU-CSU’s election defeat, Soder’s talk of the strength of a reputation that only grew out of the Govt epidemic. The Bavarian minister speaks of a “severe defeat” for the president, in fact opposing Lachet’s ambitions to try at any point in the beginning of Sholes’ alternative coalition. The Social Democratic candidate wants to start negotiations with the Greens (14,% of the vote) and the Liberals (10.5%), already in the 25.7% strong vote through the SPD. Potential and international investors are viewed without concern. The Greens and Liberals are already among the first bipartisans between them and will escalate the conflict between the SPD and potentially the new Chancellor Scholes. Lashet never denied electoral defeat but kept alive the atmosphere of the “Jamaica” coalition between the CDU, the Greens and the Liberals. This combination will remain in numbers, but even within CDU-Csu circles there are those who consider it an extension depending on the outcome of the poll. The German press reports that Merkel’s successor may already be at an end.

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