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SteamTech, check how many games in your library are compatible with Proton-Nert 4. Life

BattlEye Confirms Support for Anti-Fraud System –

With a post on Twitter BattlEye Confirmed that Anti-cheat system Will support on its own Steam Tech Already at the start of the valve console.

BattlEye is an anti-cheat system that protects multiplayer titles and their players Hacking, cheating and other types of attacks. Games that use the service include Rainbow Six Siege, PUBG: Battlefields, Fortnight and Escape from Targo.

Bottle has long provided native support for Linux and Mac, and now we can announce that we will support SteamTech (Proton). It is up to the developers to choose whether or not to implement it“, The BattlEye team reports.

Yesterday Epic Games announced that Easy Anti-Seat will also fully support the SteamTake operating system. In both cases, these are important messages for the valve console, as many online headlines over the past month have shown problems with compatibility with Proton.

Meanwhile, Valve has confirmed that it has begun sending Steam Tech Dev kits to developers and partners, who can then use them to upgrade their products before the portable console is scheduled for launch in December.

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